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Forum Announcement: Please read before posting
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12-26-2017, 08:17 AM

First and foremost please keep in mind that this is a moderated forum.

This message board welcomes 49er fans and fans of all NFL teams to join in, as long as you are a polite guest. This forum will be enforced as appropriate for a variety of ages. The forum Moderators and Administrators enforce the house rules. There is nothing personal about what we do. If you are a good guest then you will have the opportunity to converse with fellow fans to discuss the games, players, and all things football and beyond. If, on the other hand, you show us that you cannot follow the rules or behave in a polite fashion, then you will be shown to the door.

We do allow differences of opinions, and critical discussion. If you disagree with someone else's opinion, show your intelligence by arguing your position calmly and respectfully. Attack the message, not the member. Attacking the person will not be tolerated. Please do not start a new thread to discuss how much you disagree with someone else’s opinion. Trolling is not allowed.

CUT-AND-PASTED ARTICLES - Copy and paste of entire articles is never allowed. This includes articles from Please find a small quote you want to feature and provide a path/URL to the content. We do not want to fully reproduce and host original materials. Posts in violation of this will be deleted or altered when noticed.

In order to keep up the integrity of the board, please do supply a link for reports or articles you wish to discuss. Posting rumors or breaking news without proof is not nice to fellow users and will be deleted. We do understand radio and TV may break stories before the internet, and if so, please state so, and follow up with a link as soon as it becomes available. Links must be supplied when posting stat's unless you have kept track of every players stat then please say you did this. We must give credit where credit is deserved. Any thread in violation will be removed from view. Moderators are under no obligation in informing members of a removal of thread or post. Please feel free to PM any moderator or Admin should you have any questions.


Please do not post in all capital letters. Do not post the same thing in multiple topics. Do not “bump” a thread to bring it back to the top of the page for no reason. Please do not quote posts that are in obvious violation of the rules and therefore likely to be deleted. We are not the grammar police and we understand English is not everyone’s first language, however, if you expect people to take your post seriously, please at least take your own post seriously with capitalization and punctuation.

Before starting a new thread, check to see if that topic is being discussed first. If it is, please do not start a new thread on that topic. The constant starting of new threads is the equivalent of littering the board. You can use the “Search” feature to see if the topic you want to start a new thread on has been recently discussed

Please use a subject for a new thread that explains the point of the thread. “Hey, check this out” or “What do you think” or “Did you hear this” does not offer any information and isn't likely to get the response that you wish. While it may be tempting to use a cute title for your thread, keep in mind that a cute title makes it difficult for others to search for your topic. We welcome questions, but keep in mind search engines can answer many of questions for you without needing to create a thread about it.

If you see a post that breaks the rules, please click on the “Report Post” icon within that post; this will report the post to the Moderators. Keep in the mind the moderators do not patrol the board looking for problems, and the staff do not keep specific hours. It is impossible for us to read every thread and post on this message board. If you see something that may be in violation of the rules, do not assume it is now allowed because a moderator has not deleted it yet. Please refrain from reporting a post simply because you disagree with the opinion expressed in the post.


We have numerous forums for discussion. Please use the appropriate forum for your posts.

The Redzone is for discussion of the 49er games, the plays, the coaches, and players. Please do not post threads about non-49er players in the Redzone, even if you think they should be 49ers. If so and so is a free agent or available for trade, such discussions should be in the NFL forum, unless there are verified reports that the 49ers management is involved in trying to acquire said player. All college players and possible draft picks go in the Combine and NFL draft forum. Anything fantasy related should go in the Fantasy sub forum of the NFL section. The front office has requested that you do not make a thread with the title that you “hate” a particular player, coach or ownership. Such discussion is OK with in the thread, just not the title.

Keep in mind, video taken of training camp practices are not allowed unless authorized by the 49ers

The Faithful Zone is for discussion of everything else 49er related, including Levi's Stadium, best places to watch the game, jerseys, paraphernalia, autograph signings, and pictures you’ve taken of 49ers. Selling of tickets is not allowed. Posting anywhere for commercial purposes is in violation of the Terms of Service. .

The NFL Forum is for discussing the other NFL teams, coaches and players, including NFL free agents, and NFL players who are subject to trades. Discussion of the CFL and other pro leagues are allowed, as they do not have a dedicated forum. There is a sub forum for all fantasy and gamer discussions.

The Combine and NFL draft | NCAA Football is for all discussion of all college teams, college players, the combine and everything related to the draft. There is a sub forum for mock drafts.

The Bay Area Sports Scene is for discussion of all other sports.

The No Sports Talk Allowed forum is for everything else. The front office has requested that you do not make threads along the lines of “post pictures of good looking women” or similar type threads. Such threads will be removed.
There is a sub forum The Town Square for discussion of politics, Religion and other emotional topics. Not for the faint of heart. Please do not report a post simply because someone posted something that offends your point of view. Also, keep in mind, this is a football forum that allows political discussion, this is not a politics board attached to a football site. Users who only post items in the Town Square with the intent to get people riled up may be considered in violation of the terms of service. Please do not discuss politics in any other forum of this board outside of The Town Square.

Threads created in the wrong forum may be moved, closed or deleted.


The administrators and moderators have complete say over what transpires on the forum. If a post or thread is moved, edited, locked, or deleted, there was a reason.

Realize that you will be held responsible for your own words. If your post contains inappropriate language it is subject to deletion. The moderators will not edit your posts. If you spend 45 minutes writing a an otherwise brilliant post, but can not refrain from using language that is not allowed here, you will have no one to blame but yourself when that post disappears. If your post was deleted, but a similar post was not, it is not personal, it is most likely a moderator did not see the other post. Feel free to report the post you feel is in violation of the rules.

If a member is banned, it is because they violated the rules, they continued to break the rules after being warned, or they sent the staff an argumentative or offensive PM, or they sent a threatening or harassing private messages to members. Often there was more going on behind the scenes than you were aware of. Our decisions on these matters are never personal. Please remember that no forum member is indispensable, and your post count or the number of your friends does not give you a pass to break the rules.

By using this forum it will be assumed that you have read and agree to the rules contained in and this post. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy your stay here and use this forum to further your enjoyment of the 49ers, the NFL and football in general. Stick around, contribute in the way that only you can, and most importantly have fun!Smile

Please do not post any videos, links to articles, etc. that contain profanity and/or sexual material.

Sig Image Restrictions:

1. please keep sig pic sized small enough to not consume too much screen space and make it hard to read posts

Sig pics must be kept family friendly. Members are prohibited from posting any images that contain sexual content, graphic or disturbing content, profanity, any content that should not be viewed by children, advertisements for other websites, or any other inappropriate or illegal content.

4. Only one sig pic at a time per poster.

5. Anyone found violating these restrictions will have their sig pics forced out and will be moved to another user group that does not have sigs enabled. Contact myself, Tahoegirl or Joe58 for reinstatement please.

6. Animation is allowed in sig pics.

Thank you for your help!